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The Future of Work Report by PSFK is part of a series of in-depth analysis of trends driving key sectors and subject matters. The previous reports looked at topics such as gaming, social media and mobile technology; and industries like retail and health.

Live With Design collaborated with PSFK to illustrate trends that are transforming the workplace. Over the last two decades, open office designs and campuses have changed how employees meet and interact with a goal of spurring spontaneous creativity and collaboration. As the range of work that happens within a space continues to grow, layout and design are stretching to meet the needs of each stage of a work process, adding flexibility and fluidity to the workplace.


What does a transformation of the process of entering and advancing in the workplace look like?

Co-Apply is a pop up co-working space for individuals that are looking for work and career advancement. Seeking work or a career path is typically a time consuming, solo activity. Co-Apply creates a vibrant support community for members in times of transition.

Co-Apply is a pop-up! Co-Apply is a mobile co-working space that travels through existing co-working spaces, for limited time periods. This provides connections to a broader entrepreneurial community which co-working spaces are known to create. Co-Apply applicants gain understanding of startup DNA, that many organizations are looking to integrate in their own culture.

 Team members: Gregory Bolivar, Paulline Mallea, Brielle Maxwell, Sandhya Moraes

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